A year of conferences and cruises

At the end of a working year it is common to evaluate achievements and assess things that could have been done better over the time past. Here is my small summary of a year full of travel, collaborations, conferences and research.

My year started with my second trip down to the Prince Edward Islands. This archipelago, composed of Marion and Prince Edward Islands, offered me again the possibility to conduct some research on benthic deep sea communities. The expedition was composed of a wide range of scientists with all sort of expertise, from zooplankton to oceanography and microbiology. This team worked together for approximately 40 days at sea in order to collect as many samples as possible.

My second highlight of this year was definitely my participation in the 11th Temperate Reef Symposium that was held in Pisa in June, in my homeland. During this conference I had the chance to present some work that I am doing in collaboration with Universities in Oman and Brazil. These kind of events are always a nice opportunity to meet old friends and new people, to chat with them about new research and possible future innovative projects.



Another good scientific event that I attended was the Benguela Symposium, held in Cape Town in October. This conference was a very well organised occasion to get to know more about the Benguela ecosystem, covering diverse topics including geology, fisheries, conservation and biology.


Next year?! A couple of cruises are already planned but more experiences are yet to come!